Silica Gel

Sorbogel® Silica gel is one of the oldest and most popular desiccant, adsorbent and purifying agent used for a wide number of industrial and consumer applications.

The surface and properties of silica gel can be modified to make it suitable for different process conditions and purification operation requirements. Silica Gel comes in different forms like granules, beads, powders and aerogels.

We are a leading Silica Gel manufacturer and Silica Gel supplier. We produce wide grades of silica gel such as silica gel orange, orange indicating silica gel, cobalt free silica gel, orange to green silica gel, orange to colourless silica gel, Eco-friendly Silica Gel, Water resistant silica gel & Water proof silica gel.

silica gel
  • Drying of instrument air and process gases (in air drying plants)
  • Liquid phase drying
  • Catalyst production
  • Hydrocarbon and heavy metal adsorption
  • In transformer breathers to protect oil from moisture
  • In refrigeration to remove moisture from gases
  • In chemical process industry, petro chemical plants, fertilizer plants to adsorb many kinds of contaminant gases coming out of process streams
  • Removal of gases like iso-fluorane, LNG, N2, hydrogen gas purification etc.
  • Used to make sachets from 0.5g to 2000g for static de-humidification for storage and exports
  • As perfume dispersant in cars, wardrobes, storage shelves, prayer rooms etc.
  • Cat Litter and spill absorbent
  • HPLC and TLC (ask for specifications)
  • Beer and Juice Clarification
  • Aerogel applications

Write to us with your end use/specifications required to offer suitable grade.


(i) Adsorbent/Desiccant

  • Silica Gel Type A, B, C
  • Non-indicating /Indicating type (White, Orange to Green/Colourless, and Blue to pink)
  • Water resistant

(ii) Chromatography
(iii) Powders for Food and Cosmetic applications for contaminant adsorption and purification.


Silica Gel are produced in beads, granular or powder forms by varying main parameters like:

(a) Specific surface area
(b) Particle size
(c) Pore volume
(d) Adsorption properties and selectivity

  • 10 kg. Tins
  • 25 kg. poly lined HDPE bags / 500-800 kg. Jumbo Bags
  • 25 kg. poly lined HDPE drums
  • 100-150 kg. poly lined drums
  • Sachets for static de-humidification covering sizes from 0.5-2000g in different designs

Sorbogel is a registered trade-mark of Bee Chems, Kanpur, India.