Nano Sols and Silicates

Nano chemistry and silicates were founding pillars of Bee Chems. We produce maximum grades and vari... READ MORE

Construction Chemicals

Bee Chems produces some unique chemistries for use in bulk and surface concrete applications. Taking... READ MORE

Adsorbents/Absorbents & Desiccants

Adsorbents/Absorbents and Desiccants find uses in multiple industries and applications. These cover ... READ MORE

Shelf Life Extension & Protection Products

Shelf Life Extension and protection products refer to entire range of solutions produced to solve va... READ MORE

Lithium Salts & Solutions

Lithium, the lightest metal continues to find new areas of usage and applications. It's light and ... READ MORE

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20th Aug 2020

Purify gas streams from petroleum products with molecular sieves

Today, a huge number of petroleum companies rely on molecular sieves for purifying gas streams from petroleum products.

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Contaminated water can now be easily purified with Activated Alumina from Bee Chems

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12th Aug 2020

Extend the shelf life and freshness of bananas during export with freppe from bee chems

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10th Aug 2020

Molecular sieves from Bee Chems help in commercial dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbon streams

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7th Aug 2020
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