Lithium Bromide

Bee Chems is a leading Lithium Bromide Supplier and lithium bromide manufacturer of various grades of lithium bromide liquid and powder.

Lithium Bromide, a product similar to Lithium Chloride is known for its hygroscopic properties.

It is produced in following forms:

(a) 55% solution (different concentrations available)
(b) Free flowing powder (min. 98% LiBr content)

lithium bromide
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Absorption refrigeration ( absorption chilling)
  • Reagent in organic synthesis ( adduct formation )
  • As a sedative in medical applications
  • Treatment of bi-polar disorder

Lithium Bromide

  • 250 kg. HDPE Barrels
  • 1000 Lts. IBC/Tote tanks
  • 25/50 kg. poly lined drums for powder

Custom packing available for special requirements.