Lithium Acetate

Lithium acetate (CH3COOLi) is produced by reaction of lithium and acetic acid. We provide Lithium Acetate Solution which are moderate to highly concentrated liquid solutions of Lithium Acetate. They are an excellent source of Lithium Acetate for applications requiring solubilized materials.

It is a monovalent salt and decomposes to lithium oxide on heating.
It is a moderately water soluble substance often used as a source of crystalline lithium.
It is produced as a liquid of 29-30% solids and powder with min. 98% LiAc content.

lithium acetate
  • buffer for gel electrophoresis of DNA and RNA
  • treatments of bi-polar disorders
  • stabilization of PVC
  • production of anti-static fibers
  • an additive in dye-stuffs to improve viscosity and smoothness
  • de-icing


  • 250 kg. HDPE Barrels
  • 1000 Lts. IBC/Tote tanks