Humidity Indicator Cards and Plugs

HumichekTM HIC or Humidity Indicator Cards are widely used to measure humidity level  inside a packaged environment

HIC is a card on which a moisture sensitive chemical is impregnated such that it will change colour when the indicated relative humidity  is exceeded.

humidity indicator card and plugs
  • Blue to Pink With Cobalt Chloride
  • Brown/Yellow to Azure Cobalt Chloride Free

HIC are produced from single to multiple spots like:

  • Single spot ( 8% , 10% are most common)
  • 3 Spot (can be produced in range 10-30% or 30-60% and 5, 10, 20 or 5, 10, 60%)
  • 4 Spot (10-40%, 40-80%)
  • 6 Spot ( 10-60% is the most common)

HIC can be produced in custom spot requirements in range 8-90%.
Humichek meets the requirements of MIL-I-8835A and related defence and aerospace packaging norms.

Plug Type Humidity Indicators
While card type HIC find use in small flexible packaging like poly bags, foil packs, cartons etc.
Plug type HI are used in rigid packaging like boxes, wooden packs, steel cage packaging etc.
They are made mostly from aluminium or stainless steel.
These help in knowing the approximate humidity inside the packaging without the need of opening the container.
The plugs are tightened into the rigid packaging wall. The clear disc has a humidity indicating strip which indicates the humidity inside. The colour changes as the humidity changes.
Our Humidity indicator cards comply with the requirements of standards like EIA 583, J-STD-033, JSTD-033B MIl-P-116, and AS26860 aerospace specifications.

The plugs are available with different humidity ranges as:

  • Single spot
  • 3 spot
  • 4 spot
  • Electronic Components
  • Electrical and mechanical machines/equipment
  • Metals
  • Aerospace Materials
  • Instrumentation Systems
  • Moisture Sensitive Chemicals/materials
  • Diagnostic Kits
  • Pharma Packaging
  • Export Shipments
  • Defence and Surveillance systems

Any packing/storage where humidity monitoring is required


It is an inexpensive and easy to use way to ascertain humidity levels inside sealed packing. HIC are impregnated with a chemical solution which changes colour with humidity.

These cards are not precision indicators. However, they are good at telling the maximum possible humidity in a package.

For example, if all of the dots are deep blue on a 6 spot card which is a 10-60% card, then it means that the humidity in that container is below 10%.

The indication of Humidity also helps us prevent the products from rust, mould, bad odour mildew and fungus.

Change in colour is an indication that desiccant inside the package needs to be changed.


Vacuum packs are available in pack sizes of 1, 10, and 25 with or without desiccant sachet.
The packs are further packed in TIN or flexible foil bag and in carton.

Humichek is a registered trademark of Bee Chems, Kanpur, India.