Gas Absorbents

Removal of gaseous impurities/contaminants is a regular requirement in industries and Commercial spaces.

Carbon Dioxide Removal

CoxOutTM is a unique soda lime absorbent which finds uses in removal of carbon dioxide and acidic contaminants from gases streams. It is an active form of a mixture of hydroxides which has high affinity for carbon dioxide.

gas absorbents

Coxout is produced in granular and pellet form and is available in 2 colours:
(a) White to violet indication on CO2 absorption
(b) Pink to white indication on CO2 absorption


Form: pellets/granules
Size: 1-3 mm / 2-5 mm
CO2 Absorption: >140 liters/kg.
Bulk Density: 800-900 kg/m3

  • Medical Equipment
    Anaesthesia rebreathing system, meta-bolators, and oxygen therapy.
  • Underwater Breathing Systems
    Re-breathing systems for commercial and recreational diving and hyperbaric chambers.
  • Submarines
    Carbon dioxide removal for naval, research, Civilian and tourist submarines.
  • Safety Equipment
    Personal closed circuit re-breathers for mine, fire, safety shelters and other safety rebreathing systems.
  • Industrial Uses
    Absorbs acid gases, aids purification, and functions as an aldol condensation catalyst.
  • Air Purification
    Used with other oxidation catalysts to remove contaminants/CO2 from HVAC duct and systems.

H2S/ VOC / C2H4 Removal

All industrial Chemical operations at petrochemical plants, refineries, fertilizers and related Processes generate a lot of unwanted gases and by-product gas streams which are harmful for the environment.

Proper elimination of these contaminants is a must to ensure clean environment practices and no harm to the surrounding air. Adox media have been specially formulated to eliminate such contaminants in the process streams for wide applications.

Adox uses a combination of adsorption, absorption and oxidation processes to eliminate a broad range of effluents. With speciality grade alumina-zeolites blended with the highest performance additives, it provides a unique surface contact for the chemical reaction to take place between the media and effluent molecules.

h2s, voc, c2h4 removal
Target Effluents
  • Acid Gases
  • Nitrogen and Sulphur Compounds
  • Light Molecular Weight Gases

Adox is very effective in removal light weight organics and related chain compounds, formaldehyde and oxides of nitrogen and sulphur. It is not commended for heavy VOC’s or aromatics. For applications containing both acid gases and VOCs, please contact us for a different product.

  • Refinery and petrochemical effluent gas treatments
  • Fertilizer plants
  • Water and sewage treatment
  • HVAC systems
  • Chemical process industry

Shape:   Beads/Granules
Size Range:   2-5 mm /4-6 mm
Bulk Media:   Speciality Grade Alumina-zeolite
Bulk Density:   700-800 kg/m3
Abrasion:   1% maximum
Crush Strength:   10 kgs. Minimum


CoXout and Adox are available in:

(a) 4.5/5.0 kg. Cans
(b) 25 kg. /150-170 kg. drums
(c) 750 kg. Jumbo Bags

CoxOut and Adox are registered trademarks of Bee Chems, Kanpur, India.