Desiccant Sachets and Bags

Dew PouchTM Desiccants sachets/pouch/bags are used with various products to protect products from Moisture and Humidity.

This helps in eliminating problems like rust, corrosion, mould, fungus, bad smell, condensation Etc. Application areas include shipping containers, stored goods, home use, warehouses, etc.

Bee Chems is one of the premium desiccants manufacturers and desiccant suppliers and produces an entire range of container desiccant bags, Desiccant sachets, Desiccant bags.

desiccant sachets and bags

Powered with 48 years of manufacturing and problem-solving experience, Bee Chems offers one of the most comprehensive grades and types of desiccants available and used in the world.

We are one of the very few companies in the world who produce and pack desiccants themselves. We are best in many chemical’s production with the bestselling experience in Silica gel and Calcium Chloride Desiccant.

This gives us extreme levels of flexibility of custom formulation, product modification, and help us serve customers in a much faster and economical manner.

We produce desiccant sachets/packs using:
(a) Silica Gel
(b) Alumina
(c) Calcium Oxide
(d) Molecular Sieves
(e) Calcium Chloride Desiccant
(f) Activated Earths
(g) Super absorbers
(j) Mix Carbon types


  • All grades of silica gel/molecular sieves
  • Absorption capacities in range 30 to 300%
  • No leakage, no spillage formulations
  • US Military MIL 3464 E type Desiccants (Mil Desiccant Bags)
  • German Military DIN 55473 type Desiccants
  • NFH 00320 and NFH 00321 compatible Desiccants
  • IPC and JEDEC standard Desiccants


  • Size from 0.5 gram to 2000 gram
  • In bulk or strip form with a hanger or without a hanger
  • With Adhesive tape or loop type
  • Tubes
  • Blankets
  • Any product equivalent as required

Any grade, pack, or type is produced at our state of art manufacturing facilities. Details are just an email away.

Problems Solved by Dew Pouch Desiccants
(a) Cargo sweat
(b) Container rain
(c) Dew point reduction
(d) Excess humidity in goods and shipping containers
(e) Rust and corrosion
(f) Condensation issues in containers and packaged goods
(g) Wet shipments
(h) Mould/fungus in shipment /cargo
(i) Water droplets in packing or export shipments
(j) Mildew issues
(i) Caking of materials
(k) Bad odour

And anything related to moisture/humidity which is effecting customer’s product during storage or shipment.

  • Export shipping
  • Local shipping/transportation
  • Small to large packaging of any type
  • Home/retail use
  • Warehouse/long term storage
  • Static-dehumidification of any product or utility (electric goods, heavy machines, on-site tools/kits/equipment)
  • Drying
  • Odour removal
  • Product freshness and shelf life extension

Shipping industry, Packaging, Packers and movers, Export packaging services providers, Warehousing/storage management, Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Food and eatables, Electronics and Electrical goods, Agri commodities like tea, coffee, pulses, rice etc. which are very sensitive to moisture, Automobiles and Automotive parts, Metal and Metal works, Furniture and Handicrafts, Textile and Leather, Glass and related products, Chemicals, Machines and machine tools, In cupboards/racks/shelves at home or office.

The list is long as moisture and humidity is present everywhere. And wherever you have a problem, we have a solution!

  • HDPE bags
  • Cartons
  • Drums

Our products have solved problems across the globe and helping customers store and ship dry and secured products everywhere. MIL Desiccant bags effectively  adsorb moisture in product packaging to combat its damaging effects, including corrosion, mold, and degradation.

Exposure and experience of handling 1000s of shipping containers and storage projects backed by softwares and electronic tools have helped us gain unique knowledge and database over the years.

These tools give us formidable advantages in analysing the root cause of the issues and offering permanent solutions to our customers.
DewPouch/DewStrip are registered trademarks of Bee Chems, Kanpur, India.