Densifiers, Sealers and Guards

Bee Chems offers the widest variety and range of chemicals used for hardening, densification, Dust proofing, abrasion resistance, wet look treatments, UV protection, gloss and guard treatments.

With experience and exposure to concrete chemistry of more than 50 years, we produce all equivalent products available in the global market including an entire range and grades of lithium silicate concrete densifier, concrete densifier sealer, lithium concrete densifier, lithium silicate densifier, lithium densifier, lithium densifier sealer, lithium silicate and can custom produce solutions as Per customer requirements. OEM/Private Label services are also available.


The product range covers conventional sodium silicate based to ultra-pure high end Nano lithium and silica based solutions. The variety available gives customers the flexibility to optimize cost vs results as per their budget and end user requirements.



  • A conventional sodium silicate based formulation
  • Being used since many years for basic densification and hardening of concrete floors
  • Supplied as a concentrate and can be used after dilution in 1:1-1:4 as required
  • Economical but suffers from problems of efflorescence, carbonation and solubility of silicate over period of time


  • Developed to impart combination of properties of different silicates and silica available for densification
  • Lower viscosity and faster reactivity allow deeper penetration and larger conversion of hydroxide to silicate.
  • Better bonding and hardness as compared to MT3 type products
  • Can be diluted in ratio 1:1 to 1:3 as required


  • Economical Concrete Floor Hardener and Pore Filler
  • Based on Silicate chemistry
  • Developed to overcome limitations of MT3
  • Significantly reduces the problems of efflorescence etc. as compared to MT3 type products
  • Can be diluted in ratios of 1:1 to 1:3 as required


  • An ultra-pure and more reactive and penetrating version of LIZO C
  • It further reduces the impurity levels which cause weakening of floors even after treatment with densifiers above.
  • Can be diluted in ratios of 1:1 to 1:3 as required

Above systems follow the conventional silicate chemistry approach for densification. Above can be combined with each other for base and top up coats or with our nano densification solutions below and with guards/sealers to get the required end result.


  • Standard lithium silicate based solution
  • Offers the benefit of having lithium in place of sodium and potassium and minimizes( not eliminates) their ill-effects
  • Works in applications where customers are aware of the problems with conventional silicates but want an economical lithium densifier possible
  • Can be diluted in ratios of 1:1 to 1:1 ( 1:1 is recommended)
  • Can be used as a top coat in combination to C/3C
These formulations are produced using sol-gel route to impart Nano size to the products. All these products are fortified with in-situ produced lithium with Nano size carriers.
Features:a) Penetrate deeper, react quickly, fill and seal the pores and surface.
b) Develop excellent Water Repellence and Excellent Gloss when polished between 1500-3000 grit or polished and burnished with top coats of our Guards/Sealers.
c) Impart long term durability and life to concrete floors
d) Improves concrete properties by at least 25-30% when tested against various ASTM standards.LIZO HD (Indoor, Low Traffic Applications)

  • Densifier, Hardener and Sealer
  • An Economical Option to Work on General day to day Indoor , Industrial or Commercial Floors
  • Seals ,Hardens and Dust Proofs
  • Just one Coat required as compared to many other densifier
  • Can be applied on new and old concrete, stones etc.
  • Provides very good gloss and sheen when polished and burnished properly through our application method
  • Application: Low Traffic, General Use Areas

LIZO L (Heavy Traffic, Shop Floors, Highly Demanding Floor Applications)

  • High performance Hardener, Sealer, Densifier and Dust Proofer
  • Ideally suited for dust proofing of concrete and making it durable for Heavy Traffic. It is a fortified HD
  • Application: high usage, heavy traffic areas like Warehouses, Factories, Schools, General Public Places
  • Can be applied on new and old concrete, stones etc.
  • Provides high sheen and gloss when polished and burnished properly
  • Application: Low Traffic, General Use Areas

LIZO FG (Premium Guard, Sealer, Dirt/Stain Repellent and Gloss System)

  • High-Gloss, high performance solution ideal for protecting newly polished concrete, & factory finished Stone and Terrazo Surfaces
  • Offers deep penetration, increased surface hardness and superior reflectivity
  • Does not peel, flake or bleed
  • A Base Coat with any of our densifier and 3-4 top coats of LIZO FG impart excellent Gloss & Sheen to floor surfaces
  • Proper application can achieve gloss levels up to 60 or more
  • Application: any non-porous floor substrate or after a base coat of densifier

LIZO NCP (Micro Pore and Cracks Filler)

  • Unique Liquid Pore and Micro-crack Filler for concrete grinding and polishing
  • Fills pinholes, small air voids, micro-cracks and other disabilities in the concrete surface
  • Suitable for use on new, and already existing concrete surfaces
  • The reactive molecules rapidly cure into a durable smooth surface that readily accepts colour stains, dyes and hardeners
  • A Base coat of NCP minimizes micro defects and a top coat of LIZO HD/L after treatment further fortifies the floor

LIZO WL WET LOOK TREATMENTS (Stamped, Paver Block, Non-Polished Surfaces)

  • Unique polymer based colourless water repellent, dust proof and wet look treatment for interior and exterior concrete, masonry and stone surfaces
  • Nano molecules penetrate into the surface without changing its appearance
  • Excellent water repellence and stain resistance against most of the products
  • Creates a surface film very resistant and easy to clean
  • Surface life up to 5-10 years depending on application, use and maintenance
  • Use on driveways, sidewalks, patios, concrete blocks, paving stones, natural stones( porous, on-porous), synthetic stones, stucco, walls concrete floor
  • All products are formulated using chemicals approved world over and are not on any of the inventory list.
  • pH: 10-13.
  • VOC: Nil to < 50grams/liter

LIZO series offers the most versatile set of product systems for use in any type of freshly troweled, new or old concrete. Combinations can be made for:

  • Porous weak floor+ top densification + guard application
  • Single coat top densification for M25-30 floors+ guard application
  • Double coat top densification for extended fortification + guard application
  • Treatment of micro pores+ densification + guard application
  • Staining of Concrete and Surfaces ( Visit our Stains Section for more information)

Share your problems, floor conditions and solutions required with budget available to suggest combinations which will work best for your project and give long lasting results.
OEM/ Private Label services available.

  • 5-20 Liter Retail Packs
  • 200 Liter HDPE Drums
  • 1000-1300 liter IBC/Tote