Cemsyn/Cemgel Nano Silica for Bulk /Surface

CemSyn is a series of silica based binders /fillers used in the cementing and concreting operations to impart different properties to the resultant compositions.

They have shown very good results for both vertical and horizontal cementing.

Cemsyn and Cemgel Nano Silica for Bulk and Surface

Different compositions and their uses can be highlighted as under:

  • Nano particle binders for providing excellent binding properties to the cement Ad-mixtures
  • Nano binders for providing a coating on RCC exposed to corrosive and erosive environment like saline waters
  • Large particle silica binders for cement admixtures for tunnels, dams to improve water resistance, eliminate water seepage and strengthen the RCC.
  • To eliminate problems of seepage, erosion in constructions like Dams, Tunnels, Bridges etc.

CemGel penetrates easily into fine joints and cracks in rocks and works well for strengthening of sand and silt based strata. It can be effectively used for:

  • Injection Grouting for Tunneling Operations
  • Dams and Water Projects for Waterproofing
  • Strength and Stability of Concrete Structures
  • Hill and Mountain Silt & Stand Stabilization


  • Better packing of the CSH leads to a high density C.S.H which is practically a guarantee for slowing creep thus multiplying various times the lifespan of the concrete structure.
  • Solves problems of Carbonation by reducing the free calcium hence its capillary movement to the surface of concrete.
  • Nano fillers enter micro and nano pores and give denser concrete which has a high resistance to sulphate and chloride attacks, is less permeable and of course has a higher resistance to compaction.
  • Nano Silica particles when added to concrete make it easier to pump and present no segregation problems like micro silica. They also help in reducing the amount of binder in each concrete mix and give better results.
  • Use of CemSyn Nano Silica has shown considerable advantages over Fumed Silica.
  • CemSyn can be easily used with Fly Ash, Husk Ash and other related fillers and gives very good pozzolonic activity with these products. It improves the workability and overall performance of these silica substitutes.
  • An Excellent Additive for Re-Cycled Concrete (reports available)

CemSyn can be formulated with different properties by controlled dispersion of nanoparticles in aqueous medium governed by:

(a) Particle Size Distribution
(b) Active Nano Solids content
(c) pH

Above parameters govern the reactivity and chemical compatibility of nano-silica in any cement/concrete mix. And influences the end properties.

Bee Chems has done extensive research work with many domestic and international organizations covering various aspects like compressive strength, 7-28 days strength mapping, chloride and sulphate resistance, water resistance, densification etc.

CemGel Grout Soil Stabilization System

CemGel is a specially formulated silicate gel to improve working conditions during tunneling, boring through rock injection etc.

Construction Experts are aware of the problems gravels, Sands, and silts created during any excavation process and Cement grouting operations.

The hydro-geological situation in the ground is heterogeneous and the solids have different permeability properties. While the coarse sands and gravels are easily injected using cement-based grouts, fine sands containing silts pose a lot of problems related to permeability. There is a need for an additive that can help over-come these problems.

CemGel Grout is a specially formulated Silicate Gel for rock injection and tunnel grouting operations. The product is hydrophilic in nature and can be used with other admixtures easily.
The unique hydroxyl ion formation when used with AXE-gel accelerator makes it usable for versatile applications.

  • 200-250 kg. HDPE Barrels strapped and wrapped on wooden pallets
  • 1250-1500 Kg. IBCs on plastic/Wooden pallets
  • 20-25 Metric Tonnes in ISO Tankers
  • 20-25 Metric Tonnes in Flexi-tanks