Activated Alumina

Actas® Activated alumina is one of the major adsorbent/ desiccant used worldwide for moisture removal, purification and other treatments.

Actas® is a highly porous form of aluminium oxide. Water is removed from air and other gases to avoid undesirable effects caused by liquid and ice formation, corrosion, and catalyst contamination. Due to its high efficiency to remove water from air or gas streams it is used in various industrial applications.


Activated Alumina

It has a High surface-area-to-weight ratio, effective re-generation for multiple cycles and a high capacity for retaining water. It works both under static and dynamic conditions With long cycle operation stability and being inert and non-toxic, it offers long lasting operations and performance in all applications.

  • Drying of compressed Air & low pres sure air and drying of gases having high Relative Humidity.
  • Adsorption of catalysts in polyethylene production
  • Hydrogen peroxide production
  • Selective Adsorbent for many chemicals includingarsenic, fluoride; sulphur removal from gas streams (Claus Catalyst process)
  • Deep drying of cracked gas (like Butadiene, Hydrogen, Methane, Ethene, Propene, Butene etc), Ethylene, Ethane, Freon and Propylene, Instrument Air Drying
  • Drying of organic liquids to a moisture level of 10 ppm or below
  • Drying of inorganic gases such as Air, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Chlorine etc.
  • Drying of various liquids such as Benzene, Carbon Tetrachloride, Chloro-benzene, Ethyl Acetate, Transformer oil, Vegetable oils etc.
  • Contaminant adsorption such as H2S, SO2, HF and Paraffin in the water gas
  • Moisture removal in Air Conditioning
  • Re-Conditioning of Mineral Oils like Transformer or Insulating Oils
  • Dehumidification in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries

Write to us with your end use/specifications required to offer suitable grade.


Silica Gel are produced in beads, granular or powder forms by varying main parameters like:

(a) Phase requirements like alpha, beta, gamma, rho, chi etc.
(b) Specific surface area
(d) Particle size
(e) Pore volume and pore volume distribution
(f) Adsorption properties and selectivity

  • 25/40 Kg. Poly Lined HDPE Bags
  • 140-170 kg. Metal drums
  • 700-800 kg. Jumbo Bags

Actas is a registered trade-mark of Bee Chems, Kanpur, India.