Activated Alumina -Actal®

Activated Alumina-Actal is a versatile Aluminum Oxide based adsorbent which finds uses in drying of a number of gases and liquids.

Manufactured under stringent quality control and rolled on latest machines, it has high adsorption capacity and crushing strength, which provides low pressure drop in the tower and efficient removal of vapour.

Activated Alumina Packing: 50 kg. Drums, 170 Kg. Drums , 800 kg. jumbo bags.

Activated Alumina -Actal®

Silica Sols are defined and characterized on the basis of % silica, alkali %, particle size and particle size distribution and specific surface area of the silica particles.

Charge and Ion modified sols are also produced for specific applications. Recently, non-aqueous sols have also been produced for applications as filler, carrier coating materials etc.

  • Precision Investment Casting ( contact us for complete range of state of art shell building materials)
  • Refractory Materials
  • Construction ( contact us for wide varieties of grades and systems manufactured for construction applications)
  • Paper
  • Coatings
  • Catalysts
  • Electronics
  • Textiles and fabrics
  • Water treatment
  • Gel Batteries
  • Electronics and Semi-conductors
  • Industrial Coatings
  • Cleaning solutions

Industrial Applications Of Activated Alumina

  • Activated Alumina is used in Pressure swing adsorption and other packaged dryers.
  • Activated Alumina is used in Instrument and low pressure air-drying.
  • Activated Alumina is used in Scavenging of HF, BF3 from alkylation feed stock.
  • Activated Alumina is also used in Reconditioning of mineral oils like transformer or insulating oils.
  • Activated Alumina is used in Water defluoridization.
  • Activated Alumina is used in Removal of oil vapor mist from compressed air.
  • Activated Alumina is used in Dehumidification in food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Activated Alumina is used in Drying of organic liquids to a moisture level of 10 ppm or below.
  • Activated Alumina is used in Drying of practically all inorganic gases such as Air, Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Chlorine etc. and organics use acetylene, ethane, Ethylene, Freon, etc.
  • Activated Alumina is used in Drying of various liquids such as Benzene, Carbon, Tetrachloride, Chlorobenzene, Ethyl Acetate, Transformer oil, Vegetable oils etc.

Activated alumina is for use in both heated desiccant air dryers and heatless / pressure swing compressed air dryers. Dew points of -100° F can be achieved depending on dryer design and operating conditions.
3-5 bead alumina is the size most frequently used in regenerative dryers

  • 5-8 bead alumina are used as a pre-bed material to support large desiccant beds and as a pre buffer for silica gel beds in desiccant air dryers.

Packing: 170 kg. MS Drums, 800 kg. Jumbo Bags.

  • 250 kg. HDPE Barrels
  • 1000 Lts. IBC/Tote tanks
  • 20-25 Metric Tonnes in ISO Tankers
  • 20-25 Metric Tonnes in Flexi-tanks

Custom packing available for special requirements.