Acimor, Acid Resistant Mortars

ACIMOR is mainly used as lining or jointing material for Acid/ Chemical resistant brick and tiles lining and bonding material for chimney lining.

This is a two component system consisting of a powder (Minerals base Filler) and Solution (silicate base) .both powder & filler contains proprietary ingredients also to enhanced their properties and utility . In addition to the outstanding chemical resistance it also exhibits excellent physical characteristics.


It is used extensively as the bedding mortar in various areas in different industries like petro chemicals, fertilizer, dyestuff, steel rayon and metal finishing.

  • Effluent treatment tanks
  • Reaction vessels
  • Chemical storage tanks
  • Acidic floor, drain, chimney, Tank area, Battery room area, Towers

 Chemical Resistance

It is resistant to all acids including strong oxidizing acids except Hydrofluoric acid.

It is resistant to acidic neutral salt solution and solvent. It is not suitable for Alkalis and water spillages.


These are mixed in the ratio of 3 part of powder to 1 part of solution attain a workable mortar consistency. It confirms to Indian Standard I.S.4832 Part-1.

3 part of powder is mixed with 1 part of solution. The powder is gradually added with mixing to the solution in 4 to 5 minute time. Clean MS or GI pot & trowel are used for this purpose. The mortar thickness for bedding and joining should be 6 mm. and 3 mm. respectively.


Filler: 25 Kg. laminated HDPE bags
Binder: 60/250 Kg. HDPE Barrels