Titania Sols

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles are particles of titanium dioxide (TiO2) with diameters less than 100 nm.

Titania has the highest refractive index among metal oxides, and it is
excellent in terms of whiteness and dye-ability. It finds uses in
various specialty applications.

Titania Sols
  • Electronics coating and semi-conductors
  • Coating material for a welding rods
  • As a filler material for paint, ink, plastic, paper and rubber
  • Enhance durability of chemical fibers and synthetic fibres for UV absorption
  • Ultrafine Titania is used in sunscreensdue to its ability to block UV radiation while remaining transparent on the skin
  • Anti-foggingcoatings and self-cleaning windows
  • light-emitting diodes and solar cells
  • Textile sizing
  • Water treatment
  • Oxidation reactions

We produce 4-5 grades of Titania Sols depending on:
(a) Surface Properties
(b) Behaviour with water
(c) pH
(d) phase
(e) Particle Size
(f) Surface Area

Titania Sols are mostly recommended based on particular application and end result required.

  • HDPE Drums of 50/ 200 Liters
  • 10-20 kg. Cans